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"Relaxing, Fluffy & Happy"

Melmo is a singer-songwriter of new-wave romantic popular music by ukulele.

She plays an healing ukulele, and sings her original songs, French pop music, and English jazz/pop music.

She was born and bred in Tokyo.

Her birthday is 8th December that is the anniversary of John Lennon's death.

Her mane "Melmo" comes from a made word "melmonythm" - 'only my music', she means - which is mixed with the initial letters of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

She is qualified in French of the quasi-second level, and her cover French song "Lum no Love Song" is very popular.

Activity history

Get started sing & song recitals with ukulele from 2013.


Played host at an ukulele event.

Performed as a guest on the Tokyo Net radio "Evening Time!" when played at Hikarigaoka IMA REAL LIVE.

Get started online music distribution of original songs.


Get started Tokyo Net radio "Melmo's treasure box" as a personality from April.

Get started a celebrity blog of LINE BLOG from April.

Released mini-mini-album "melmonythm1" composed of 3 songs.

Performed for 100 times in one year such as at live houses or restaurants, for volunteer, for group session etc.


Enrtried and performed at International Ukulele Contest in Hawaii in February.

First performed at a long-established live house Ekoda Marquee in February (Co-starring: Yuki Sekiguchi, Sachiko Ito)

Get started "Melmo's Vitamine☆Lele Radio" (Broadcasted on "Nerima Broadcast Personality's Next" in the year before) as a regular program once a week.

Performed at solo live in Vietnam in May.

The number of fans exceed 500 on Reverbnation in United States.

Released 1st mini-album "VIVID/VIVIR" in October.

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